Investec and ninety nine

Hi, just wondering how you plan to carry out the split company shares. I believe all investec holders get one share of ninety nine, for every two share of investec. This is due to happen this month.

Many thanks

this would happen as you would normally expect I assume. T212 would receive the new shares in proportion of investec shares managed and assign the new shares to those who own investec, once the distribution happens they should just appear in your portfolio. this should work similar to dividends IMO

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@Dao Unfortunately, the process isn’t as seamless, yet.
@LordBentley Once the demerger occurs, you’ll be granted proceeds (cash equal to the value of “x” Ninety One shares) which you can use however you’d like.

Thanks for your reply, is there no way of having the shares instead?

@LordBentley No, unfortunately, there’s no way to do that. We’ll be working on improving how corporate actions are executed but that’ll happen in the 2nd part of the year.


Hi any news on what’s happening with the demerger? I have not received any information as to what’s happening.

Many thanks