Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

Could you please add RELI to CFD platform, has gained a lot of attention lately and hopefully has the volume to support the request

Kindly add Chesapeake Gold Corp. as soon as you can please. This stock is about to explode in 2022

OTCQX ticker is: CHPGF

Many thanks @Team212

Is it possible for you to add Hydrogen Utopia International PLC on the aquis exchange ?

Unfortunately can’t be added as IB don’t have access to that market segment.

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This is a possibility. Not sure if the volume would support addition but it would be down to 212.

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Afraid not - this isn’t a supported exchange.

See here for the requirements: Stocks & ETFs requests Help


Can this GBP version of the ETF be added?

Happy new year! Would it be possible to add the euro version of this etf?
FUSD, Fidelity US Quality Income UCITS ETF

I believe it is ISIN IE00BYXVGX24 in the XETRA


Any updates on this?
I see WTEU is not yet available.

Or at least make DHS on Milano exchange available for fractional shares.

The LTOD(LSEIOB1) Larsen & Toubro - GDR was added and removed from Invest account.
Can this be re-added?

American Manganese Inc. is a critical metals and technology driven company, focused on lithium-ion battery recycling using its RecycLiCo™ Patented Process.

Not sure how to judge whether low volume, it has larger volume than Rock Tech Lithium which i’ve been buying on 212, so hopefully passes the test.

Könnt ihr A140K4 Soltech Energy Sweden hinzufügen?

Please add $ETL.FR - Eutelsat Communications SA as fractional.

@secretsasquatch - I don’t think the avg volume or the market cap are high enough for T212 to add successfully, it doesn’t meett heir thresholds.

Ticker XDEQ is listed on Xetra but, price is same as GBX version, so 4255 euro per unit, instead 50-something!

following are not fractional, with single share price abysmal:

US3357201082 - $14K

NL0000488161 - 8K

US8422431077 - $5K

CH0039821084 - 2K

Good luck. To make fractional, someone else has to be willing to pick up any ‘spare’ to round a share to a whole. If they’re not popular, that might be why they’re not fractional already.

Could you add MSNVF?

:smiling_face_with_tear: No worries, thanks for all the work you do getting these stocks added. It’s making 212 much better!

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Can you add NLMK?

It’s on the LSE

Also also NVTK

Please add iShares ATX UC ETF on the EU entity of T212.


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