Stocks to keep an eye in case of second recession

Hi all,

Just curious to see what stocks are you keeping an eye on, in case we get a second dip in the markets due to covid ?

Are you talking about defensive stocks that should remain consistent through a second lockdown or those which could drop and should consider selling ?

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Some renewables: Iberdrola, EDPR, Siemens Gamesa, Next Era Energy and Vestas (I have not fully researched the last two).

Also a couple of banks are on my radar (Bank of America, Santander and Barclays), I don’t think that they will get wiped out.

I have a significant percentage of my portfolio in IAG position, so I do not intend to increase any positions in european airlines, unless Easyjet gets very cheap. Spirit Airlines is also on my radar if it dips significantly.

Edit: Vestas and EDPR are not on T212.

The latter case.

QinetiQ (Defensive), Lloyds (Financial), Countryside Properties (Real Estate) and National Express (Travel) if it dips a lot.

US side seeing if Coca Cola, Realty Incomr and Paychex go down at least by 30% before buying.

There might be a 28% tax on their dividends for EU, so someone might better have a closer look at their US division Avangrid (NYSE: AGR). They are expanding rapidly.

Depends on your goals and appetite for risk. At times of dips the fear can lead to short term bad decisions. Also remember there is no such thing as a sure fire winner, if so we would all be filthy rich.

If you have done sufficient homework on the long term prospects of your holdings then I would consider riding it out. You may want to add some defensive stocks if not already like national grid maybe as demand in electric is constant.

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