Long Term RENEWABLE stock

Folks - any experience or advice on a long term renewable energy stock? Looking to add one to my portfolio and can’t decide!


NEE is on my list, just waiting a bit.

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You can check Siemens Gamesa Renewable [SGRE]. I am thinking about this one for a long time now. Wind turbines.

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I say the best bet would be a green energy ETF. My personal one is INRG


Yes, I second INRG. I’ve been happy with it.


I have 2 mid-cap spanish renewable stocks on my list, but mainly waiting for new additions to be included on T212.
Also keen on a Portuguese company, EDP, but not available on T212 yet :slight_smile:.
INRG also good, but I would rather invest in individual companies.

Gamesa is good it recently won a large contract for wind turbines in France.


Have a look into renewi and powerhouse energy. first one merged with 2 companies in 2017, I love mergers secretly building dynasties and it’s renewable energy, like oil decades ago. Powerhouse energy turns waste to electric. No brainier

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INRG etf is ripping at the moment, and overall is the most stable choice, these stocks are incredibly volatile, and can slap you hard if you don’t know them

Ceres Power
ITM Power
Nel AS
Greencoat UK Wind

ITM Power and Ceres have been on rampages of late, if you are looking to buy long term, I would suggest now is an optimal time, as they are in a dip.

Note, these are all growth companies, a lot of these stocks swing wildly on the release of news regarding earnings, as their profits are bare, but you are buying for what they could potentially make, in the future