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Hi, I’m a complete noob using demo mode which is awesome has to be said. However I’m focusing on ETHUSD while i practice and find i’m always forced into stop loss distances which are so huge it seems to me its impossible to do intra day trading with 212. Is this the case or is it just inexperience on my part? any suggestions would be a massive help, I so want to make this work as I fucking hate my day job.

@creature We’ve made some adjustments, I think you’ll find the new requirements more palatable. :slight_smile:

Yeah this seems loads better as I can get more favourable win/lose ratio, thanks David.

one other thing, I just has an short order but it didnt trigger at 169.57 when market price dipped past it and below down to 169.46 . Where did i go wrong? thanks for help

@creature Are you certain you were looking at the correct price? When you’re short (sell) as you are now, you need to look at the buy (ask) price & not the chart price. By default, our CFD charts show the sell (bid) price.

ok i was looking at market price seen here…has not the market price dropped below the take profit price?..

I mean the market price has dropped below take profit price seen in my first pic?

@creature Notice how there are two prices - one on the left & one the right. The one that’s on the left is visible on the chart, the one on the right is not.

If you have a sell position, you only need to look at the price on the right side which isn’t visible on the chart.

Ok I think I got it, thanks so much.

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