Stop Loss Not Triggered on Invest/ISA


This has happened the second time where my Stop Limit has not been triggered and caused me to incur a large loss. Can you please advise?

I am not massively experienced with Stop Limits but to me it looks problematic how close they are together, it seems as though a quick 2c drop in price could render it useless.

The price went below the Limit price before it could be executed. It will execute if the price go up again.

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So your average price is 38.60 yes?

Yet your stop loss is at 38.15? Yes?

ND THE current price 37.91 is this right?

You have not incurred a loss as the shares have not been sold yet.

Don’t put 100% of your portfolio in 1 stock.

It depends if u want to invest or trade, looks to me is like u want to trade only and predicting the market is impossible.

I would suggest to try the stop loss with 1 share only.

Did u send an email to support what did they say?

I also want to check this stop loss, but if the share went down 1.8% and the system did not work just buy 1 share and perform some testing, let me know how u get on I need to do the same.

@Alien: Agreed it was a huge spike down which caused it to skip my limit price.

@Tedk99: Thanks for the concern.

@George @David. Any advise on how frequently this happens?

Of corse bro!
U needed to diversify, how long have u been at it?

This is a common thing, nothing to do with the platform. You relied on the order executed within a 2c price range which is difficult in a rapidly moving price.
As long as you set a limit, you can set the Stop price a bit higher, to give the time for your order to be marketed before it reaches the limit price.

@Tedk99: Been trading for a while, have an investing portfolio elsewhere for long term positions. How about you?

@Alien: Got it, I’ll make sure to leave more space between my stop and limit price. Thank you

Same, long term I have funds.
Here it’s more speculative as you can trade individual and fractional shares which is great.

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