Investing: Stop Sell


I’ve bought the share 3x Apple at the price of 40,17 . When the (sell) price went up, I've wanted to secure my profit, so I've put a Sell with STOP on 40,25 . After few minute the Sell Price went below the 40,25 $ and didn’t trigger the my Stop Sell. Am I missing something?


There are two types of sell orders:

LIMIT - here you set the price you want to sell for.

STOP LIMIT - this is a sort of 2-step order. First the price needs to reach the STOP price, when that is reached the order will be sent to the market as a LIMIT order. The STOP price is nothing more than an activation.

There is also the regular stop which is, imo, what OP wanted to do.
Stop/stop loss… like you said is basically an activation of an order that will be sent as a market order, so the price is not guarantee, the activation is (or at least it should be.)

I had a similar experience to OP, but I had my STOP LOSS order set to keep me from losing too much money since a few days ago (the sell price I set was idiotic, but that’s beside the point.) I had GraniteShares 3x Short Rolls-Royce with a stop loss at p117, but when I checked, the price was already below p116 and it seemed like the stop loss wouldn’t activate, so I ended up manually putting a market order. Maybe it would have executed after a few minutes, maybe not, but this isn’t the first time one of my stop loss order isn’t executed. IMO this shouldn’t happen.

Can anyone help me understand why the limit order didn’t get through?

Probably the spread, the chart shows the BUY price.