Stop orders alongside limit order

Hello, I would really apreciat the ability to have a stop loss alongside a limit sell order to take profits at the same position. (Invest account)



@jfarras We’ll take note. :slight_smile:


This would be really useful. It would protect you from losses while still taking profits if the price rise,. instead of having to switch from one to the other.


How is the progress of this feature? It’s quite useful and I would be very happy to see this feature added.

Currently I’ve put a limit order on one of my positions, but I found I could not put a stop order (to ensure the profit) again, the error said I need to buy the stocks in order to sell.

Please consider adding this feature so that an oder, either limit or stop, will be automatically canceled once the other order is executed.

Are we talking about trailing stops, as this would be super useful. Actually found this video from Trading 212 but can’t find this order type anywhere.