Stuck on Processing

So I have placed a market order for GRUB and it is now stuck on processing, can’t event cancel the order and now the price is way above when I placed the order and watching it with dread.

@genleeshin Is it still stuck? Could you message me your account’s email address so I can take a look?

Hi David, I have the same issue. Placed a market order about 30mins ago for VHYL and it’s now stuck on processing. Would you be able to help with this? Thanks.

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Im having the same problem with VUSA, cancelled my pie, did a market buy, still same problem, guessing something with more than one etf.

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@team212 @David @George
Same problem here. Cancelled order stuck on processing after not going through as a marker order. You gotta do something about it. We’re seeing this issue popping up everyday lately.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Been having problems myself. Limit order was reached and not traded? tried to trade manually and no joy. Any reason why my trades are not happening?

Hardware issues I guess ? I remember someone from T212 say they were about to upgrade their system… Dunno really.

Not ideal, potentially missing out on opportunities!

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Had same issue the other day and now unable to sell any stocks

Yeah I know.
I think there is a causality here.
Volatility = opportunity = activity = system overload.

A small number of orders with EU & UK securities only have not been filled by our execution intermediary. They’re currently investigating why with the highest priority.

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I’ve tried to buy Carnival for 5K my order wasn’t executed when the price reached my limit! Too late now.
I also emailed 212. Should we start to worry after all these late issues you guys have ?

Thanks @David :wink:

@Damiansasha Not sure worrying will change anything :slight_smile: