Orders stuck in processing


Placed limit order, it is showing as “processing”.
I wanted to cancel the order but couldn’t.
This happened before but now it might bite me.

Please have a look at this.



Ditto … LUV stock stuck at processing @David @AlexK

EDIT - Took a while but order went through. Tense few minutes there.
My order was a market sell though.

First order went through, but my second order stuck

Similar issue for me. 2 market orders on the US market not processing.

Same here, it seems like a recurrent problem.

Doesn’t matter after it gets triggered, mine I think got triggered and stuck. So if price goes above you’ll get good price but if it doesn’t it is going to cost.

Yea, exactly.

Could have been + or - on LUV stock right now lol.
Thankfully net a tiny profit to exit my positions.

Been happening quite a lot recently

We’re looking into each separate case.
@mur I can’t find any issues with your orders.

Same issue! And this happened for several times and I missed good prices! :sob:

Argh me too, the delay also cost me. Can’t cancel either.

Screenshot 2020-05-18 at 14.54.39

… No dinner tonight

One was taking a while but was executed eventually, thanks

@David orders are going through but after 5-10mins.
Days like this are very important to book some profits. Please provide long term solution.
May be priority to market orders and orders closing positions?

I now stopped placing orders for sometime until system clears up may be.

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I’m currently working the Healthcare $1 stocks where every cent and second is critical.

A 5-10 minutes execute time could means £100s either way :see_no_evil:

It would be fine if I could actually cancel it, but its getting stuck on processing and then execute at a random time with no chance to stop it.

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The timing is indeed important and sometimes could cause a big loss/win.

I’ve been enjoying trading212 for a while and I love it. I also recommended it to my friends, some are using trading212 for day trading. But many of them complained to me that there is an issue with the execution part, which is extremely slow sometimes. Really hope this issue could be fixed.

Curious just why people place orders on Monday open time?

Surely you can see trend of Futures as early as Sunday midnight, set limit orders in advanced. Not to mention when I see people complaining on Market orders, I doubt any serious trader should be purchasing/selling via standard market order…

Same posts each Monday when stocks rocket higher…

issue is not just with market orders, limit orders are affected too.

Yes, there is also problem with the limit orders.

One question, why can I not put a limit order together with a stop order? The msg says I need to buy the equity first (but I own it).

I lost due this 10 mins stuck error much money, it was a limit sell order, do you guys think, its possible to get the money back from trading212?