Any help? Order stuck on processing for over half and hour

Put an order in over half an hour ago and its just stuck on processing, I can’t do anything to it. Any tips?

Can anyone please help?

I don’t want to wait a day for an email response.

Which stock market are you buying from?
Some only make orders occasionally I believe.

Which stock & exchange ?



Been stuck for an hour and 20 minutes can’t cancel it is greyed out, it’s a busy stock and it maybe trying to accumulate my order but I can’t do anything.

If you do search: GGP
You will find plenty of topics.

Maybe related to:

Stock request LSE:SKIN - #5 by PeterA



That was my thoughts what Vedran outlined above ^

If not, have you tried logging out and back in?
I had to do this once before when I got a Buy + a Pending stuck.

Can’t offer much else advice buddy.

EDIT - See what was spoken about the stock before:
Orders on this stock are executed no more than a couple of times a day, due to its trading schedule, so if you are willing to trade on it, exercising patience is a must. Unfortunately, as this is a market order, already sent out it cannot be cancelled.

So by the sound of things, I’m stuck in this loop. Until the next auction at 2pm takes place? Hopefully it will clear up, perhaps it’s the number I’m buying. As about half an hour ago I bought 1 share to see what would happen and it went through instantly.

Cheers for the help guys.


Well from what I read , @David mentioned T212 is working to make this available instant as other securities, however still work in progress. Or as they wrote it is being “optimised”. :wink:

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That’s cleared it up. Was a bit concerned! Hopefully it will get filled later today, I’ll report back if anyone is interested.

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