Suggestion - Auto Invest Whole Shares


Auto invest is only available within a pie, and then you are only able to select a monetary value.

I want to buy x number of share of a particular ETF every month. I can add the ETF to it’s own pie but I cannot stipulate how many share I want to buy only the monetary amount.

I don’t want to buy fractional shares and instead want whole shares purchased regularly.

Is this something which can be considered?


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Yes this might interest me too. As it is, I don’t use the pie feature at all for this reason!

Why not, out of curiosity?

OCD I like to see whole numbers.

I’m exactly the same, not sure if it’s OCD but I don’t want fractional shares either.

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If it helps you both @junkbot @1anrs, a simple way to explain what a share is, is a fraction of a company, so you are happy to have a fraction, but not a fraction of a fraction? :person_shrugging:

I am happy with that but I would prefer if I was going to buy fractional shares to less of a decimal place or able to easily convert back to a whole share.

I agree, I got a free Mercedes-Benz stake at 0.199288 share. Utterly ludicrous figure. Even if there was a feature to round up to one share, that would be good but there isn’t as far as I’m aware (I suppose I could try buying 0.800712 but seems rather asking for it not to work properly).

I suppose the fraction of a fraction idea is a good one, and I do like the idea Dougal. If I get used to it, it might work for those shares I buy monthly, for example ETFs.

Welcome to the Community, @junkbot :tada:

Appreciate the suggestion, but that will contradict the core purpose of the Pie & AutoInvest feature. The main idea behind this feature is to allow investors to own a portion of high-valued companies such as Berkshire Hathaway (Class A), with a current price per share of $525,475.