Supermarket Income REIT plc (SUPR.L)

Supermarket Income REIT plc (SUPR.L)


been asking for this one for a while hopefully trading 212 will put it on platform soon . will tuck it in my trading 212 isa as reit

This has been added on today’s update of stocks. The price is higher than current market prices but is now available.

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How does this one work. Supposedly it’s listed on the FTSE 250 but then when I tried to buy it I noticed I got a message saying that as an AIM stock it might take a while for my order ton go through due to low liquidity.

I find this confusing.

A FTSE 250 stock and an AIM stock are 2 different things, or at least, I thought they were?

There appears to be some “complex mechanism” behind this.

Ultimately I’m interested in the asset but the complexities behind it make me want to understand what I’m getting into before the buy button is pressed.

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It looks like SUPR is a FTSE 250 company. I’d imagine it graduated from AIM to the LSE’s main board, so the warning’s a legacy one, but that’s only my best guess. Low liquidity shouldn’t be an issue as there seems to be plenty of volume.

Be careful with this one. It currently trades on a 13% premium to NAV. Sentiment can change quickly. We’ve seen this recently with logistics Reits, such as BBOX, swinging from a 15% premium to a -20% discount in next-to no time.