Suspended stock

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So say hypothetically a stock had to be sold before the end of play on the 4th of March, before being suspended. Say I hypothetically owned this stock but on the 4th of March the sell button was “turned off” by T212, what should I do?

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Your post is still there - it’s automod. Everyone can still read it and I’ve responded and you havent.

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There are cases when the respective exchanges allow shareholders to sell their shares before suspending a particular stock for trading. Afterwards, we act following the official information from the exchange about the stock and its delisting/suspension.

I’ll send you a DM to have a closer look at your case. :mailbox:

Thanks mate I see it now


Due to the low value involved it’s not important but in the interest of fairness if I receive warning that I must sell before a certain time, or lose control of my asset, then the ability to sell shouldn’t be turned off in the meantime.