Swing trading margins

What % do you guys look for minimum and do you scale your stop after you hit this target or cash out?



If I’m not losing money I’m doing it wrong. Buy high, sell low.

I’m kidding, sorry for not being helpful :sob:

With 26billion in your account after 40yrs you’re clearly hiding something

It’s 26 billion trillion. See the T at the end.

Lmao sorry I didn’t mean to offend you

🤷 if you’re going to accuse me of being rich, at least get it right. I’m so offended right now. :roll_eyes:


Matt can I be your jester for a million a year, I’ll dance for you and you can throw things at me

Unfortunately that was just the predicted gains on GGP by autoinvest, I sold out 40 years too early.

Peasant,don’t talk to me

Here’s my current portfolio though :joy:

61% annual return is that it? I’m currently on 246% call me haviana cus I’m flipping no flops

Oh, but for a real actual answer to your question, my Forex trading course got us to always just hard stop. Then you can re-evaluate and if it’s still a good trade, just make a new one. Chances are it probably won’t be.

Yeah but what I mean is in my head im like 10pc target, now I’m on 11pc, do I raise my stop to like 8pc gain rather than its original position of -5pc and ride the wave gradually scaling up until it cashes out.

Personally, I wouldn’t. Greed makes money bleed. But if you feel confident it’s still going well then sure, why not. Just remember if the price jumps over your stop you get what it lands at and not what your stop is set at.

Yeah I know, hmmmmmmmmmmmm

I just need to analyse the data