Swing Trading real time tutorial video

Is it possible to swing trade in 212 Invest mode?
Is there a tutorial for this? a step-by-step real time tutorial?
Demo of the process…
First showing the set up of the trade. Then the exit . That would be a big help.

So you want someone to do all the work for you?

If Trading 212 want people to get the most out of their platform, ideally Trading 212 should make such a video. They have uploaded hours of random videos to wade through that are not indexed.

One basic 212 tutorial video for each main strategy is all that would be required;

Basic Swing Trading on (30min)

Basic Day Trading

Position Trading (5min vide)

Not sure, those are the traders that usually run out of money quickly and stop using the platform anyway.

“100 ways to lose money” video would also be nice for a change :slight_smile: