Switchback Energy (SBE) Vote

Hi there, I own shares of SBE - as such I believe I have the right to vote on the pending merger. Can you advise how I go about doing this, and/or do T212 manage voting in the case of spacs… Thx

Trading 212 don’t have a way available to vote, I’m afraid, however I do believe you can get a Certificate of the shares you hold (not 100% sure on that), which you could probably use to vote independently … however asking on the day of the vote doesn’t give anyone time;

Your vote must be received by 11:59 p.m., Eastern time, on February 10, 2021 to be counted. After this time, the only way to cast a vote is at the Special Meeting on February 11, 2021

Last I read, it said the meeting was 10am?

Thank you for message. Would you happen to know how we can get this shares certificate from T212? Freetrade appears to have this in app.

Edit - scratch that. I found it. Here is the article for anyone else: How to get a shares certificate? – Trading 212

Hello staff,

I contacted the proxy solicitors for SBE to cast my vote as a shareholder holding shares as per the requirements before December 16 2020 14.30est

I called them and they couldn’t find name and address on the system

They advised me to contact my broker regarding to obtain the control number which will enable me as a shareholder to vote.
Control number is needed to vote.
Please help.

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Thank you so much for the swift reply.

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Did anyone actually get to vote? With the extension I would like to be able to where possible.

Nope, contacted T212 today following the guidance above, unfortunately I recieved a silly response asking me for more details as they couldn’t understand my request.:crazy_face::exploding_head:

That isn’t exactly inspiring. There needs to be a way that they can have a vote box and vote on our behalf with things like this especially the amount of New Spac’s people are involved with. Fair enough will the TTCF delay, but since then they have had time to work out an acceptable solution.


just reply back explaining what you meant slightly differently. remember that emails are a dialogue and people rarely ever reach the correct conclusions right off the bat. If a conclusion cant be reached then you can request it be escalated to another staff member who may be better suited to answering your query.

looking at your initial email. you need to consider that you don’t yet have a share certificate, you are requesting one be made for you and to do so (while companies can choose to ignore it) they would need confirmation of how many shares you hold with the position IDs to locate it on their end.

T212 have a procedure for requesting certificates, which I searched for and followed. Their instructions (url above) don’t ask for this information, maybe it should, all it states is request by email.

In this case, the staff who responded, is asking for generic information, which I provided in my reply, but was quite clearly confused hence the screenshot request, in this case they should’ve used some initiative and asked a colleague for assistance instead of sending me that email and wasting my time.

If T212 provides instructions, advice or help on topics on the forum, they expect us, the customer, to use our initiative to seek this information before contacting them. A reasonable expectation/ assumption would be, the staff should be able to respond appropriately, or seek internal advice, in order to reduce further burden on the customer.

I didn’t want to expose or embarrass the staff thats why I crossed out their name. But I’m growing more and more dissatisfied withe the support, or lack of, from T212.

you can always switch to a paid service if you feel you are not getting your moneys worth?

doing a few checks and typing a response email is hardly wasting your time since you are asking for something. you are spending more time in the forum talking about this than you seem willing to spend on the email getting your certificate?

Urgent Request - Instructions on how to vote on Switchback Energy merger.

Closing date for voting is February 25th 2021.

Having held share before December 16th 2020, I would like to exercise my right to vote on the merger.

According to SBE, it is the broker who is meant to provide:
A) Voting Instruction Form
B) Voting Control Number

For further clarification, please follow this link: Your Vote Is Needed

I look forward to your response.
Thank you

posting that here isn’t going to get you the response you want.

I did follow the help instructions and thus far have only received an automated response. It is unlikely that my request will be dealt with in time. Note to self here: Ensure I always have a certificate.

Hopefully, I may get a a response in time.

@ukgmal if you feel any response is hostile, disrespectful or threatening, you can always report it to a moderator/admin.

Thank you @UrbanOutCask, I appreciate that you’ve picked on the vibe too,

It is unfortunate, but it comes part n parcel when dealing with Joe Public in these forums.
You just don’t know who’s who, the majority of users are polite, helpful and courteous.

As for the others, they dont phase me and, I don’t waste my time with them.

Thank you once again and all the best.

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Unfortunately T212 don’t have a system in place that allows you or supports you in voting.
They couldn’t even offer me my control number, as for the certificate, its has no other information apart from the name and amount of your share.

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