Tesla annual meeting vote


Just have a few question to ask here, are we able to access any company vote when we are holding shares under investing ? Do trading212 send us these information ? For example, ![image|231x500](upload://ln828BrVBc3Ofa7m8G5jecyWAr8.jpeg) 

One of my friend who using robinhood in us he had annual meeting vote with tesla , we hold the same share , but the broker send him the vote email. Just wondering is trading 212 will do the same or they just won’t send us anything regarding company information?

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Also interested in the voting for Tesla.

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No they won’t let you. Your shares are held in a nominee account, and for that reason it’s too difficult to try and let every investor exercise their rights. It’s understandable, other brokers would charge your £10 per vote I’ve read before.

In the US there’s actually a few services that let you integrate a voting service pretty easily.

One example is Say

They have a relationship with, for example, DriveWealth which means it’s already up and functional with Stake in the UK and ‘could’ be integrated with FreeTrade if they choose to (I assume) pay for it.

A few services starting to emerge in the UK to plug this gap too. FinKi May or may not have already helped a few of them (couldn’t possibly say!!!) :wink:

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