SYME on sell only mode

I think it means the Fees they get from doing DD and say “No Thanks” if the Company in question looks like a Going Concern.

Their Accounting is going to look a bit more different due to how they are making money in a new Asset Class.

It’s not your typical Accounting jargon though, agree there!

Do you not have that the wrong way round. If a company is a ‘going concern’ it is expected to pay its ongoing bills and remain in business for at least 12 months.

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Yeah that always catches people out with the word concern. :sweat_smile:

A going concern is a positive thing basically auditors expect to stay in business for the foreseeable future.

A negative going concern means they expect closure within the next 12 months.


I might have. I need to look at my Homework again for Accounting.

They still take DD fees though for businesses that are risky. They just won’t take them on.

Any time now…

@Team212 Any updates on the options you’ve been exploring? We’re currently in close only mode which isn’t quite ideal.

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Have you tried asking IBKR?

It’s a joke but can’t see nobody laughing. @B.E @Bogi.H