Synairgen (SNG) UK

Can we see this small farma what people go mental about it in T212 ?
Thank you

I can see there have been multiple requests for this to be added over the past several months, but as yet. I have searched in the app but cannot see it.

Please can you add it.

@dabear this has been requested before. No need to create a new thread, just add to an existing thread. I have merged your post and closed this thread.

Request to add Synairgen from AIM


Can you please add Synairgen to UK stock please.
Lots of people buy it and they have good results so far.
Thank you

Please add this to your ISA trading platform before it gets the emergency approval which is due in the next 7-10 days. We have already maxed our HL account and would like to buy more on here if you could please add it.


Would it be possible to add Synairgen (LSE/AIM: SNG)?

Thank you!

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Can you please add Synairgen in Trading212 ISA?

I created a new post because it seems the others are being ignored. Requested since July - and still not added.

Hi all, T212 has added all AIM stocks offered by IB.

Can someone maybe request IB to add any outstanding AIM stocks such as Synairgen?


IB have SNG