T212 SIPP transfer

Since hearing about the T212 SIPP I have been exploring options to transfer my frozen Final Salary pension to T212 SIPP when it is live. So far not a single financial advisor has been interested in signing off on this. How exactly do T212 expect people to transfer their pensions to a SIPP if no one will sign off on it? All the financial advisors have managed to show me how well their funds have been doing and explain why I should give them my money…

It’s your choice in the end, I’m pretty sure no one else can make your decisions for you. Obviously they don’t want you to move it as they’ll lose money, but they can’t stop you

Because the value is over £30k by law I have to have it recommended by a financial advisor.

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That’s awful, maybe just worry about it when the SIPP comes out

I’ve been through this process and it can very long and expensive. Many brokers have excited the market due to mis selling. The FCA has really clamped down on final salary transfers following the British steel scandal. All I would say is be careful and continue looking for a broker with a reasonable charge for the advice. There’s still some good ones