Tax withholded on Dutch stock

Why is tax withholded on dividend paid by Randstad? I am a Dutch investor, living in The Netherlands, bought Randstad on Euronext Amsterdam.

Just curious…

“Dividends from Dutch corporations are generally subject to a 15 per cent Dutch dividend withholding tax”.

Within The Netherlands there is 0% dividend tax. So if I buy shares of a Dutch company and get dividend paid, the dividends aren’t taxed. Only for foreign investors.

Could be because T212 is a UK fiscal resident? (Owner on IB balance sheet, although you are the final beneficial owner.)

I have similar problem with other brokers.

That’s not what it says in the table.

Not sure about that, for example, I’m from Croatia and Croatia and USA doesn’t have a double taxation treaty so t212 deduct 30% from my dividends.

I know the tax rules in my country. :slight_smile:

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I guess so. Hope @Team212 can confirm this.

No you don’t.

This applies to companies. Not retail investors.


This is indeed the reason.


@chantal Presumably this can be remedied (refunded) by your local tax authority but I cannot say for certain, you would have to seek advice from a local tax expert.

@David yes that is correct. Next year when I file my income tax for 2021 I can deduct it. Thanks.

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@chantal , I noticed you in several posts and thank you for the comments on Dutch taxes.
I am recently moved there , and trying to understand what I need to do or report.

Is there a single page/post here where I might find what I need to report and how in the Netherlands if I am trading with Investment account on Trading212 ?

Thank you for your time and assistance!

Dutch taxes only need the Investment value at Dec 31. If you file Income taxes next year (so you file your 2021 taxes), the first €50.000 isn’t taxed. This is investments + savings - debts.

See also Investors living in The Netherlands it has been discussed overhere.

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