Taylor Wimpey discounted share sale

Where do you buy these discounted shares?

Is this just where Taylor mass sells them and supply surpasses demand so the price naturally falls?

Can someone elaborate please.


They were on PrimaryBid, unsure if there’s other offers.

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I setup PrimaryBid account but it says offer closed 17th June 2020. Which was yesterday.

I wish I knew before hand, I was really looking to get back in at TW.

Any one know what price were shares sold at.

The offer will have closed as soon as the full amount of alloted shares were fulfilled by order. The share placing price was at 145p.

Luckily for you the share price is now below that anyway!

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Unfortunately T212 don’t provide PrimaryBid broker integration at present, so you would need to have an alternative arranged for after the transaction was completed.

But t212 apparently did message holders of Taylor Wimpey to participate according to others on this forum. As they did for Ted Baker.

So no PB integration needed if T212 will provide the admin for the Open Offer and Placing anyway . Sorted.

Perhaps if you already own shares in them with T212 @Finki then yes, but what about offers/deals that you don’t hold and arise on PrimaryBid, where you do your DD and decide you want in on it? That option is then removed. Unless everyone’s going to be asked/offered everything that becomes available.

True. Except open offers and placing are not pre-emptive. So technically T212 could offer to all. I know they won’t, but technically they could or you could ask nicely. Either way my skepticism towards the level of bargain you actually get versus what you think you get remains. Don’t be lured by the word ‘discount’. We’re there a super easy and free integration to your T212 account then fill ya boots. With the blockers to entry currently I seriously don’t understand why you’d bother right now. No ‘offer’ in the last weeks has materially manifested a ‘discount’ at the point you’ve been able to sell if you chose. Why? Maths! Dilution! The discount on the new shares weighs on the existing share price after issue. So the 151 share price of TW. was always going to fall after the dilution of new shares at 145. By how much - we’ll, do the maths. Very little of late would have generated profit versus just buying them in the open market immediately after the new issue starts trading! That way you’re in control too! TW. Fir example went through a book build process where you had to commit without knowing a price! Ok, institutions won’t over pay so your upper ceiling was probably known (current share price - otherwise why bother) but still , why put yourself through the pain with the current clunky process. Even if and when integrated I’d still question why bother. But each to their own. But everyone should be able to see through the initial ‘holy hell, I can buy cheap shares’ moment. ‘This is the greatest secret in the world’. It’s not. It works at scale for institutions maybe but for retail folk buying £100 extra the cons outweigh the pros. PB highlighting this issue is undoubtedly a good thing. But does it work for you procedurally and financially versus just buying them in the market after issue?

On another subject why are new brokers not allowing trading of Rights? Has anyone in T212 taken part in a Rights Issue and seen the actual ‘Rights’ credited to their account? I didn’t ( on FT at least) Which is weird as it blows all FCA reconciliation rules around client money and client assets. There’s interesting maths and logic around trading Rights that’s probably even more mathematically problematic for people than this whole ‘discounted’ share issuance. The thread would go on forever.

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@Finki I don’t disagree with you at all …

The point I’m making is it’s about choice.

Right now it’s only a feature request. If T212 decide they don’t want to support that, then at least the user knows.

They know if they want to subscribe to something
made available from PB that they’ll need to do so under a different broker. That becomes your choice to do so.

As it stands currently, nobody knows what the position is, as it’s neither had the :+1: or :-1: given.

I’d be amazed (but impressed) if T212 stated publicly they would not support it.

Not providing something being asked for by your customers would be a PR disaster.

My money is on T212 saying ‘yeah, that’s great but here’s our solution and it’s better because…’

Because there is absolutely no way T212 can not support what is effectively another Corporate Action via their preexisting team that’s there solely to process Corporate Actions. It’s a function of any brokerage. It’s moderately straight forward but not the sexy side of brokerage nor money making for the business!

Let’s see.

But they can’t come out with ‘no’. It has to be either ‘yes’ or ‘here’s our solution’