Explain this please 🤬

@david what is going on with t212 ??? I just bought 35 shares for 10 pound. (9.97 to be exact) then it says SOLD shares to protect me
From going negative AGAIN, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE???

0.3170 x 35 is 9.97
And the price hadn’t even reached anywhere near where it said I bought it from LOL

It clearly says bought at 0.3237 and the price opened up BELOW this it hadn’t even reached where It said I bought it from I seen the graph going up…

@revelcsi1iicidem Your current free funds clearly show that you can’t afford the 1 share that was sold. Also, the price did open exactly at 0.3237.

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It’s just a joke how a stock with no pre market buying or selling can open up higher than when it closed. This doesn’t make sense to me, therefore it means other brokers are infront of the que etc interactive brokers

@revelcsi1iicidem Nope, it doesn’t actually work that way, not by a long shot.


Isn’t the opening price just whatever price the first transaction takes place at?

Watch the Leigh man brothers if I got it right they clearly tell you, because it’s electronically all the big players get in first like Goldman Sachs etc so it does work like that in my eyes

It’s not even that bad of a situation just annoying because if that’s the case say If I got in first with a bid and I put 10 pound does that mean every single order would be rejected from everyone else cos they done market order or maybe they’d end up with one stock. Who buys the first stock??? This is my question or is it done by time u placed it

Institutions always get the fastest buys placed just by proxy of paying to be close to the exchange. That’s why they spend billions to get their execution speed as fast as possible.

Nothing you or I can compete with sadly.

I know not saying that but I clearly just stated that and David said it doesn’t work like that. It has to, lol there has to be a que and thanks for honest response, not that I’m spending thousands but if u don’t notice pennies then youll be missing the big numbers! Close this case!

This is a bit of a cringe thread.

@revelcsi1iicidem seriously you need to do some learning how the market works. Then come back and read what you have wrote in this thread. You’ll go ah did I really write that :sweat_smile:

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I’ll bet you a share up to the value of £20 that he doesn’t…

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LOL I know exactly how it works, there is a que of buyers whoever gets in first gets the cheaper price. so I’m saying upgrade the system so we get in quicker it’s that simple. If they use interactive brokers if u got a brain then you would clearly know IB get in first

But I mean you can see the wallet has a red circle and red text meaning it’s exceedingly yours funds.

If you open the chart you can see the price and that it’s gapped up on open. You aren’t going to get yesterday’s price.

Lol dude you don’t just upgrade something like that.

It depends on physical distance away.
The big boys more than likely have fibreoptic cables into the exchanges, shorter the cable faster the speed.

Trading212 can’t just buy a “beem-me-up-scotty” package from the exchange to make it quicker :laughing:

Every stage there is a delay, it’s physics stopping it, not something software driven.

If the market gaps up, then again the delay may result in you buying higher when the market shoots up on the order flow.

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I wasn’t sat watching the chart open up mate, I just placed an order and it came back saying that, I don’t understand how the purchase went through then sold… but it’s solved we now IB the leaders :joy: joke don’t ban me haha