Technology Minerals ipo

Please add technology minerals

17 November 2021 ipo please add
@Joey_Fantana @David

At the issue price of 2.25p the company will have a market capitalisation of close to ÂŁ27.3mln when trading starts on Wednesday

I don’t think they’ll add this. Just trying to manage your expectations…

No worries I just use freetrade then :+1:

If it’s not 100million market cap it’s an unlikely addition though there are occasionally exceptions. Best getting it where you can until it becomes large enough to add here. No need to miss out if you did your research and like the stock.

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Freetrade Pro to have any access to that.

Yep freetrade pro :+1::+1:

Does Freetrade actually have it?

It’s not IPO’d yet so a wait and see who gets it game :upside_down_face:

That’ll be a no then. Freetrade are crap at adding stuff too.

I would say Freetrade won’t have it either at a guess, since they don’t have MWE and TBLD.

Do they have DEVO yet?


Hey, :wave:

We will add Technology Minerals as soon as it is available on IBKR.

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It’s now available - added today. :+1:t2:

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