[Stock request] Kefi Minerals

@David Can you please add Kefi Minerals (LON:KEFI) and Kodal Minerals (LON:KOD) to universe if possible?

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Kefi Minerals is up 18% after today’s session

@Ashige Will be live tomorrow after UK markets open.


Great, thank you David

@David @Team212 Can you adjust information about Kefi shown in app? It is shown both as fractional and with min trading quantity of 100

@phildawson, @Joey_Fantana, @CeeGee & @mcwilliams91, lets continue the Kefi discussion on this thread :slight_smile:.

Where do you get your info from Phil?


Well just their main site to watch announcements.

There’s always ADVFN and LSE chats.



In fact that last post is a good summary for this week

RE: Quiet Friday.Today 19:52

Most of the volume was on the ask all week, and again today. Bid was weak especially today except for 1.1m at 2.30. For a time there was a 1m that suddenly appeared further up (2.35, 2.40? can’t remember) but that vanished when I was doing something else, either removed or sold into, exposing next to nothing between there and 2.30. I popped a bid in at 2.31, which went, but they never went lower than that. They didn’t for instance sell into the large order at 2.30, so I suspect it’s still a large managed sell that’s trying to keep an orderly market, avoiding the 2.30 as a potential stop-loss round number, or because there was enough MM activity between 2.31 and 2.45 for them to do ok. If it is a big managed sell and they find a range where they can keep dumping it, they’ll stick with that. A shorter would just have dumped it to try to trigger the stops.


How do you see the volume “on the ask”?
Are you looking at it in terms of supply (bid) and demand (ask)? If so, how do you measure it?

You would need L2 to see that. You have the bids and asks listed and size to see where support and walls are. It can be spoofed thought, the tape shows what’s actually going through.

The best tool at seeing volume is Tradingview.

Oh started a group for KEFI! @CeeGee sorry I had to pick one other to start, hope you don’t mind. Added you as admin.


Got lots of reading to do this weekend. If it’s anything like GGP turns out to be…well well well :thinking:

Thanks @phildawson

Sure no problem.

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Kefi accurately captures Greek culture. The word roughly translates to: the spirit of joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy.

I’m a believer in a sign. Could this be the next frenzy :shark:

I’m probably a weird investor as I literally try and start from the ground up when learning about something new :rofl: very thorough libra!


@phildawson have you heard of Gunsynd PLC (LON: GUN)

I haven’t, but looks interesting esp the Rincon shareholding. Are you holding a position?

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No, I’m keen to learn new exploration though. Saw it mentioned somewhere and thought I’d drop it in the potential equation :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s quite a lot out there isn’t there :exploding_head:

Just popped on my Google feed.

And another little tiddler I am watching, that London can trade, is Gunsynd Plc (GUN.L) . I wrote something on that this week. Why?

They are the biggest shareholder in a private company called Rincon that owns a lot of square kilometres just south of Telfer (with some great historic Newcrest drilling grades) and a big chunk of ground called Westin to the south-west of Havieron. And yes – Newcrest drilled gold there as well in the early 2000’s. And yes Newcrest also drilled into the top of Havieron and walked away in the same drilling era as Rincon’s Westin and Hasties.


Same source I got it from :rofl:

I feel drawn to Australia quite a lot when it comes to exploration as so much land is still untouched.

I’m definitely going to do some more research on the two new mines in question.
So much to do not enough hours in the day!

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Lithium - could this be a front runner in electric cars?

(Cornish Lithium)

Sorry don’t want to ruin the thread topic but thought it maybe of curiosity to you :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh I love lithium I’m currently heavy into LAC a nice 50% gain in a week.

Next week is battery day for TSLA


Ohhhhh interesting!!! Might have to check this out this week with any spare cash :raised_hands:t2:

Edit* I forgot I have free cash I finally sold GENIUS (the old ball and chain!)

New article IV spotted @CeeGee

Just trying to re-enter LAC again. Hopefully a couple dollars off, however it could start again from here.