Tesla share prices

the shares were split 5:1 in price also

the ‘result’ ie: percentage gain should be the same before and after the split.

in my case for Tesla it has stayed the same and the split looks fine

Mine has took a huge drop i dont understand , its gone from 1 share being £2275 to 1 share being £445 , its a massive loss

Yes we know, but your profit should be the same, actually should be up ~8% today🤪

Welcome @bigcarp100 if possible take a screen shot and post here, or send it to staff.

what people are trying to explain is:

Tesla has been divided into 5 (stock split 1:5), but you shouldn’t experience a loss as its currently trading $480 (approx), so when times by 5 is more than you paid
…It’s worth baring in mind that Tesla dropped below your purchase price on friday, and this morning.

If you type “staff” in the search box, and select the staff option you’ll be provided with a list of staff names who are online today, you can inbox or tag their names using the “@” symbol. Alternatively select this link: https://community.trading212.com/g/staff

ooo, i didnt know this, very handy. thanks

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When a stock split has been produced at 5 to 1 then the number of shares purchased should have been automatically adjusted by 5 times, otherwise clearly the balance will show a loss. However, as you guys can see this is not the case. See screenshots enclosed. I am exactly in the same siutation as the author of this post. Before the split I had a profit of over 2000 Eur and now my account shows a huge loss of 4794 Eur. and the number of shares remained the same, 5.

These things shouldn’t happen, fortunately it is an investment practice account, otherwise I would be pretty mad now.

Thank you guys , its still saying im 39,000 down after the slit its very concerning

I think - but I’m not 100% on this - it’s just because you were looking pre market open. I was seeing some strange charts for Tesla and Apple too, but that seems to have been resolved now the live stock data (at the new split price) is streaming in.

The market is now open and still my share quantity remains the same (5) as it was before the split. It seems to me a bug in the trading platform

stock split wasn’t done on the practice platform.

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Of course stock split was done on the practice platform too. In my previous post I attached a screenshot.

are you using a practice account?

if No best thing is to send a message/email to staff with a screen shot, staff also have access to your account if you are using the same email for this forum and they’ll resolve as its just a technical issue.

Yes its a practice account , i am getting used to the system before i invest properly , but this senario is putting me off

the link @trader787 attached was from staff saying the practice account isn’t functioning the same, so they have worked on the account since then if reflecting a split.

Hopefully if the post writer isn’t using a practice account he’ll contact staff as suggested and it will be resolved. he/she needs to act quick as Tesla is known to rise then drop back to its initial morning price.

Not to worry then its just T212 current procedure with practice accounts, the normal accounts have received their splits with profit.


I see thats good then , thanks for your help Hectares , any tips before i take the plung ?

Ive been on the practice account now for 3 month with a 30,000 proffit , hopefully i can make that real


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That’s such a loaded question It really depends on your Trading purpose (day/swing/invest/dividends), how much finances you’re using and how you handle your emotions when red occurs.

I’d suggest writing another post asking that questions in more depth (ie: i want to be a day trader/i want to be a long term investor), and get a pen and paper to hand as you’ll get loads of good advice which you can consider if its any use to you.

write a log of your trading activity, and learn from your mistakes is essential.

Researching your company interest, and keeping up to date with pending news will likely help you to understand how the stock performs with catalyst such as earning, good news, bad news.

finding Trading forums, discords, fb etc, so you are within a trading community i have found useful, as it can be lonely stuck at a desk for most of the day if day trading, and using informative charts such as trading view and finviz are a great help…

I had to stop myself writing an essay, as too much information can also be overwhelming.

All the best :wink:

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You have been more than helpful i thankyou

And i wish you all the very best :grin:

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