Tesla stock got purchased and sold off automatically

Subject: average calculation error

hi @Martin @David
I brought 2 shares after the split at an average of 446 yesterday.

Today ordered 1 share of tesla @491(cancelled that order) and bought 1 share at 486, so a total of 3 shares at an average of 459. Bear in mind at this point i have no free fund to make any further purchase.

But somehow one more purchase took place at 484(i never had free funds to even buy extra share at this point) , making the average of 465 with total share being 4. At the very second that 1 share was automatically sold off.

Now my problem is my average is 465 but it should actually be 459.

Please resort it. My thought is i cancelled an order before purchasing my 3rd share that was in processing stage but it still doesnt explain the funds as i never had free funds to have both shares simultaneously.

PS) i messaged this to customer care they keep talking about stock split, This has nothing to do with stock split.

I’ll look into your case and update you via PM!

Please do. Thank you

@Martin Any update? Please let me know the earliest

@Martin @David i need this fixed as soon as possible guys!

Hope you do I had a simular issue also

its very clear its a technical issue, i hope @Martin @David understands it and fix it!

Martin acknowledge they are checking the issue, once there is a feedback, they will let you know.

Meanwhile grab a beer, try to relax. You know? :trolleybus:

I understand mate, i am not trying to put any pressure, tesla stock has been down today, i see a opportunity to buy, but i wont as i dont wanna further complicate things.

Time is money on the stock market

I’ve just sent you a PM regarding the matter.

Hi @Martin, I purchased Tesla stock a while back and since the share split the stock has disappeared from my portfolio. There is no sell transaction. Would it be safe to assume that this will rectify itself or do I need to follow a process?


Did you check you transaction history?
It would have shown as profit realised for the extra sold transaction of 484.
And so your average shows as 465.

The amount was allocated to your free funds. Your initial investment was released & in the transaction tab a correction was made depending if your position was on profit or loss.