Tesla stock split

Gold, agree with everything here. Will try on my own YT to be as valuable as possible, just getting started.

Trading 212 team got un-ethical nature of implementing new restrictions/processes in adhoc way without bothering of intimating to their customers.

Whilst other trading platforms accepting any quantity, why Trading 212 doesn’t allow? Can someone answer please?

Hello, got a question. I would like to sell a particular stock doing poorly in my pie so I have removed it from my pie.

Issue is its only the BUY button, no SELL button.

Does this mean I cant sell off a stock once it put in a pie, weather removed

Hi Moormoni,

No, when you remove it from your pie, it becomes a stand alone share. Which you can access by clicking on it in the investment tab. This will bring up the share with the BUY & SELL buttons.

Check this screenshot…you can see there is no Sell button on the Beyond Meat

Is this a bug?

Can you click and hold on the stock in the investment tab? Should allow you to sell via it

Maybe because the stock is in the pie? :wink:

Thus only way to sell is to go pie, remove holding from pie and go withdraw, amount = to the position.

Or export out of the pie and sell via investment tab.

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No sell tab coming on when i do as instructed.


I removed this from the pie. See screen shot

Now withdraw that amount when markets open by selecting custom and 100% on it. Exporting would be easier though

If there is a feature to sell a company shares removed from pie then this is a bug issue unless there is no feature yet to sell a company shares that have been removed from a pie.

I have tried so many scenarios to achieve this but still no SELL tab appearing.

@cavanhagan that did work when markets was open.

Need to SELL first before funds can go back to become available for withdrawals.

I am just testing the pie and giving feedback, and this seems to be a major feature missing or a bug if there is a feature already in place.

No it isn’t a feature yet but @Vedran gave you the two work around a right now. Definitely the easiest way is to export the investment from the pie into your account and sell it from there (you could even use a limit that way)

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@cavanhagan & @Vedran the work around worked.

Go to Pie under Holdings scroll down to more actions select Export investment then choose the Company share you want to export. Then continue and the Sell and Buy tabs appears.


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There is a solution for this “issue” in pipeline.

This above feature looks good and will certainly solve that problem.

Ah, I’m using CFD’s at the moment, so that will be why.

I need to investigate the other trading/investing methods at some point but I kinda jumped in feet first during the midst of Corona lockdowns back in April/May thinking I could make some money. But having done some VERY light research I just start getting bogged down by all of the terminology and the differences between CFD/Invest/ISA and now i’m sort of frozen with fear on everything.

Hey Dividend Investors!

Found a Research tool for investors.


also did a video on how to use it here >>https://zurl.co/IFsv