Tesla stock split

I do share your frustration but it hasn’t made me feel as though T212 is a scam, just that it has been rather amateur on this issue. I’m not excusing them and they really should be doing better with things like this, but what would go far would be if they were to announce their intention to emulate Freetrade’s approach to stock splits in future, promise to not make contradicting posts on the forum and promise to give in-app notifications well in advance of stock splits which provide a clear explanation of the situation. I believe T212 to be safe but I think they know people are suspicious of trusting their business model and their handling of this situation hasn’t presented them in the most professional of lights. I say all that as a big supporter of T212.

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THIS MATTERS! (Ignore brackets content, just getting over 20 character minimum)

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I had exactly the same experience. I’ve even had answers that don’t remotely relate to my question.

This forum is usually much better than customer services. On this topic, not so much.


Basically, you own less fraction of Tesla, in Normal world it would mean your shares are worth less, dilution is bad for current shareholders…

You can look at dilution as opposed to buyback, which lowers the outstanding number of shares, while also increasing value of each share, bringing capital appreciation to the shareholders.

Here is tesla dilution history.

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I thought I was the only one. I’ve sent them 2 separate support emails and both times they seem to reply with answers to which makes no sense to the questions and concerns I had.


Do you think there could be a “bot” looking for keywords in our emails and sending an automated reply, which can sometimes be irrelevant?

His channel is probably the best out there for Tesla IMHO.

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I think the maximum traded quantity for long positions on Tesla has been reduced from 100 yesterday to 10 today.

In my test account I was able to spend my entire £50K on a short position on 680.5 shares!

Max positions is 10 for me too.

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Does that fluctuate throughout the day based on some algorithm or do they set it and leave it until they decide to change it again?

No idea. My guess is that too many people are long on Tesla and the maximum should increase as people close positions. Whether that’s updated hourly or daily is anyone’s guess.

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Steven is great and was top tier before he started this pumping out new reactionary content to news rather than original content that propelled him to where he is. The reactions are watered down compared to his deeper dives.

I’d say Tesla Daily is the best content wise for commercial awareness. Gali of Hyperchange is top 5 too.

But for sure there’s great content creators on YouTube who were way ahead of the traditional “smart money” analysts on Wall Street.


Subscribe to what you said. My thoughts exactly on Steven where his deep dives are really inaightful however lately he has a lot of fluff which can be considered pumping.

Compared to Rob Mauer (Tesla Daily) where he goes deep on financials and is now considered a Tesla analyst and has a lot of guests where his thoughts, opinions and analysis is been sought.


Is this restriction in Trading212 only? or others as well? Anyone using other platforms?

No restriction on IG. Checked it this morning.

I had a pending order set for $470 and when the price hit that level I got the message “Your pending order was cancelled due to insufficient funds”.

Now the same has just happened at $465 and $460. I’m missing out on these prices.

I have sufficient funds; I think the problem is the maximum traded quantity.

I was told once that there was no need to mention Trading 212 staff in posts because they read everything in the forum.

However, given the number of unanswered questions I’ve posed on this topic (mentioned or not), how do I get a detailed answer on why they have reduced the maximum traded quantity for Tesla?

Open a new thread on the help forum. That’s what I did last time stocks were restricted.

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Why there is a restriction in the first place. T212 seems to be so tough to trade and not great!!