TSLA split calculating error - βœ… Solved

I have checked and there was an error on my side.

My apologies.

I sold both my Tesla and Apple fractionals Friday to avoid any complications. Fingers crossed it is a simple fix.

Wrong calculation by my side.

To be honest I was a little disappointed with the official communication from 212 around fractional shares so I decided to remove the area of ambiguity.

I sold at the highest point on Friday, yes I missed a few % increase on opening yesterday but long term that’s fine.

Good luckπŸ‘

I can say that your decision was the wisest. For sure I will follow to do the same if other stock splits will occur.

Thank you for the advice :+1:

Where did $67 come from though?

0.14*2238.75 = 313.425

0.14*2238.75/5 = 62.685

I was wrong, I miscalculated something.

Well the 0.14 would be done at what ever the post sell price is?

I’m guessing: 67/0.14 = 478.571428571 ?

That would have been around 4PM (uk time) on Monday to get that for it. :thinking:

Are you able to share?

Yes, when I have calculated the total value of the porfolio I did not take the cash into consideration.

So will you remove your accusations claims? :wink:

Yes, I have edited them and apologized.
If there are any remaining, please do tell and I will do the same with all of them. :wink:


Besides that, I am really glad that I was wrong.
Because it would have been a real trust issue if I would have been right. It would not have been about some few hundred dollars, but about trust in the platform.

And it is a relief to know that I can trust the platform :smiley:.

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