Tesoro Enterprises Inc - TSNP


Tesoro… been on an absolute tear for weeks now, no indication that it’s being added.

Any news on it? have had to wait on AquaBounty when I saw it at $2, evogene another one.

Such a good company.

A response would be appreciated… a lot of people asking for it!

Please add TSNP @David thank you

TSNP guys, please add it

@David anyone help add TSNP

Any update from t212
I really want to invest in the stock.

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@revengep8nt14 TSNP is not “Penny Stock Exempt”, thus we cannot add it.


Please add TSNP https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/TSNP

hi Trading 212 . TSNP has been requested many times in the forum , unfornately no response / not add. can you please add this

@David can you please add this

@Martin @PeterA can you please add this

Can you please add tsnp

Please add tsnp urgently

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I think we missed the boat. i was searching for it since it was a sub-penny.

Hi @Zak1 a quick search of the forum would have returned lots of previous posts requesting this stock (including yours). I’ve merged your request with the other posts and closed your post.

Hi trading 212 can you please add this stock
Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock - TSNP to isa or invest.


Please add TSNP. We would really like it on Trading212 ASAP

HUMBL has merged with TSNP, hopefully this will bring the stock compliance with Penny Stock Exempt

Do you think TSNP will make it on Trading212 then?

Bump - if this has merged can it be listed?

Can this stock be listed yet? Or never? Its now or never in terms of really benefiting from this stock!