Tesoro Enterprises Inc - TSNP

@moonlight22 please take time to read the thread and you will understand that TSNP cannot be added.

Please can this stock TSNP be listed! it is really going up and we are all missing out!

No. For the reasons stated many times.

They added CBBT and thats not Penny Stock Exempt.

Tesoro Enterprises, Inc. (TSNP) PLEASE ADD

It’s not penny stock exempt, they can’t add this.

That’s in the past and not sure what happened there all I know is they are unable to add it now I’m afraid.

Can you please add TSNP

Not PSE as has been explained a number of times within this thread. If T212 change their criteria in the (near) future then we can re-evaluate at that time.

Request otc stocks TSNP, TMXN,

@Team212 @Martin lease can you kindly add the following:

SIRC - Solar Integrated Roofing Corporation

TSNP - Tesoro Enterprises Inc. which is merging with Humbl

Many thanks!

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Please pleeeeese add TSNP asap I’ve been asking for this for over a month now!

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@David is there any way TSNP could be added?

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Hi @Bunghi the question has been answered on a TSNP thread.

Unfortunately these penny stocks come with a lot of regulatory scrutiny and are a Biden to maintain. T212 will only add ones that are Penny Stock Exempt.

TSNP is looking very good. Please add asap

See posts above which answer your question.

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