The 10 Blue Chip Stocks With The Highest Dividend Yields

Something for income/value investors. The perfect recipe for a pie. I’ve just made mine :wink:

The 10 Blue Chip Stocks With The Highest Dividend Yields:

#10: Philip Morris International (PM)
#9: W.P. Carey (WPC)
#8: Prudential Financial (PRU)
#7: Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS)
#6: People’s United Financial (PBCT)
#5: AT&T Inc. (T)
#4: Universal Corporation (UVV)
#3: Enbridge Inc. (ENB)
#2: Altria Group (MO)
#1: ONEOK Inc. (OKE)



How they do compare against S&P 500?

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None of them are big growers, I guess. But the idea is to receive a better stream of income than bonds currently provide. Here are the current dividend yields taken from the same site:

#10: Philip Morris International (PM) - 6.0%
#9: W.P. Carey (WPC) - 6.0%
#8: Prudential Financial (PRU) - 6.2%
#7: Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) - 6.2%
#6: People’s United Financial (PBCT) - 6.6%
#5: AT&T Inc. (T) - 7.3%
#4: Universal Corporation (UVV) - 7.3%
#3: Enbridge Inc. (ENB) - 7.7%
#2: Altria Group (MO) - 8.5%
#1: ONEOK Inc. (OKE) - 12.7%

That comes to an average dividend yield of 7.99% compared to S&P 500s current yield of 1.78%.

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And here are the approximate YTD figures:

#10: Philip Morris International (PM) -14.5%
#9: W.P. Carey (WPC) -27%
#8: Prudential Financial (PRU) -30%
#7: Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) -27.5%
#6: People’s United Financial (PBCT) -33%
#5: AT&T Inc. (T) -30%
#4: Universal Corporation (UVV) -26%
#3: Enbridge Inc. (ENB) -25%
#2: Altria Group (MO) -20%
#1: ONEOK Inc. (OKE) -59%

So there should be plenty of upside too long term.

large negative numbers don’t automatically mean that they’re a good value or provide good upside potential. Do you know why these stocks are trading at such high yields and had such bad returns ytd? Without going into any specifics (I haven’t looked into most of those companies) those companies were probably fundamentally impacted and their future prospects, therefore, have been reduced. There might be good buys in there but just a high yield and large negative return on itself don’t mean that it’s a good buy.

If your goals is to replace bonds then it might be better to go for ‘safer’ companies (utilities, consumer staples etc.)


Very true.

I’m definitely no expert but these are all blue-chip companies. According to investopedia:

A blue chip is a nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company. Blue chips generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. Blue chip companies are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which helps to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth.

Even despite this, I accept there’s a risk involved and some may never return to their former share prices.

Some of these companies are directly impacted by pandemic, such as PM, UVV, MO, & OKE. The three first companies there are in the tobacco industry, while the last in is the energy sector.

Both of these industries have been heavily impacted by the pandemic, especially energy.

However many of them have paid dividends for a long time, and even growing dividends, which proves that no matter what crisis they are still able to provide investors with good returns.

But a high yield does not necessarily mean a good buy, nor does a share price drop mean it’s a good buy other. When the share price drops, the dividend yield rises, so it’s not a good thing.

I do own many of those you have listed here, and quite frankly I believe they are undervalued in the long run. But it’s gonna take a while for oil to recover from this, and as an investor you need to be aware of that. Short term there are better options out there for those who don’t like high risk, such as PEP, KO, WMT, etc.

But if you believe in tobacco, oil&gas, real estate & finance to recover from this, then I think these are a good buy, but not without risk. I liked the pie, and like I said, I have most of them myself, and there are worrying things with some of them. :blush:

Disclosure: Nothing should be considered as financial advise, and each one has to do their own research and make up their own mind before investing. This is just my own thoughts about it, and where I stand.


Thanks for this.

It’s a pure buy and hold long-term pie. I expect to hang on to these for a significant amount of time i.e. up to or more than 10 years.

The whole pie is about 6% of my total portfolio. I expect all these sectors to (mostly) recover over time (and then oil to start waning in favour of renewables) and if they don’t it’s because the pandemic is still raging and money/the stock market will be the least of anyone’s concerns :wink:

you can put some reit stocks here, most undervalued now, but with high chances of a rebound after the pandemic, and fat dividends


How on earth can you claim REIT’s are the most undervalued right now?

First of all, there are multiple different REIT’s out there, so not all REIT’s are undervalued. However I can agree that those REIT’s owning retail properties/malls or the ones owning amusement parks, those are undervalued right now. Because as soon as the pandemic is under control and a vaccine is here, people are going to go out again and have fun like they used to.

Though I don’t agree with you on the fact that REIT’s are most undervalued. If you look at the numbers, the sector that is most undervalued right now is the energy sector. It has taken a incredible beating because of the pandemic, because oil & gas is not a focus now, but rather to stop the spread and virus. Oil & gas is priced as it’s gonna be in a everlasting depression, yet it’s still the most important resource to our world still. So obviously oil & gas is gonna recover as soon as the pandemic calms down and a vaccine is made.

REIT’s are however very good in the long run, though not the most undervalued sector now. I would even argue that finance is more undervalued as well.

yes…i made a generalization, and it’s true the energy sector is the most undervalued right now, as the financial sector…
mostly all the value stocks seems to be on a downtrend against the biggest growth stocks…
I thought about reits because of the good dividend yeld, and because of this they are a nice choice into a high dividend portfolio…
It’s not necessary to focus on risky stocks, but on some trustworthy name like Realty Income, Stag Industrial , etc…

the reit sector is very diversified and some stocks in the march downturn took a 50% 60% beating on the original value before the pandemic crisis