💸 Dividend stock in different sector

Can you add some sector and 1 dividend stock to it?:euro:
You can find dividend stocks in many different sectors:






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Financial Services💰
LGEN 6.5%

Do we win a prize?



Canadian National Railway (CNI)

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The prize is part of my :heart: and respect 🤌🏼 :grinning:

JPM is also a good addition to financials

Least you didn’t include a :banana: in your post otherwise folk might have got the wrong impression!!!

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Well, Boeing paused their dividend last year, and while there is speculation that they would resume it at a later point, best case scenario would be half a decade until then.

Not sure it should be on this list 🤷

Edit: contributing.

Energy > Midstream :moneybag:


Sector-diversification is an important and often overlooked part of a high-yield portfolio. As well as some financials, I would suggest Diageo, Unilever and Rio Tinto to cover a few other sectors


For energy i want to mention and $EPD Enterprise Product Partnership

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Regarding high-quality pipeline, ENB, MMP and EPD are definitely high up there, although I believe EPD might be lagging a little behind ; ENB while supposedly being the highest quality, is also priced accordingly, lowering its yield quite a bit, and as a Canadian MLP it is subject to 15% dividend withholding tax.

Hence my pick of MMP instead, a very nice mix of high quality business with very high net yield.

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Union Pacific

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Utilities - EPD (Enterprise Product Partners).

High Dividend Yeild. Provides it as a Capital Distribution rather than an Income so no Witholding Tax.

Provides Pipeline Transportation of Liquid Gas and Oil and has been appreciating their Dividend Payout every year.

Does have a High Payout Ratio but the sector they are in requires it and they are paying down their debt.


I wouldn’t classify EPD as utility company.
If you are looking for utilities have a look at EIX, DUK or AWR

Transportation then?

It is influenced by Oil prices sadly despite being a tenth of their business needs.

No :man_facepalming:

Energy > Oil & Gas Midstream, it’s not that hard 🤷

Yes energy, although some apps/sites, like for example The Rich, classify it under industrial stocks/MLPs


No need for the hostilities mate.

Given I have looked into this stock myself, it moves Liquid Gas and Oil across Pipelines, it could be classed as Utilities or Transportation. Not that hard, like you say.


My apologies if my comments passed as aggressive, it never was the intent.

Regarding the classification of pipelines, it is not up to the preference of who or what, it is the GICS classification 🤷

Pipelines have always been Energy > Oil & Gas Transportation (often referred as Midstream), same as Oil Tankers which look like boats at first glance.

Utilities only refer to consumers facing delivery networks, and Transportation refer to fret of material goods.