The new Android App is a Mess!

So why are u here leaving comments about him being the problem then?

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So how do I get this new update so I can suffer too? :smile:

I deleted all cache and it still kinds looks the same in Invest, no changes.

No updates in the play store.

Most of the new update is find to me.
However, this bit on the stock viewing section is TERRIBLE. This is is supposed to be a really quick way to see the movements of the day so far and differences.

But now it’s become really slow to see specific parts of the day and even realise what timeline you’re looking at.


My initial complain exactly. Best wording so far, cheers mate!

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Totally agree with those points. It’s the horizontal scrolling which is annoying me.

Eg: look at a chart and pick Max, now you see all the history but it still allows you to swipe left and right?! Why? to see history where the stock didn’t exist?

What’s better is having fixed horizontal chart and swiping left and right shows the vertical line with the price (like Google finance does)

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As an related point … Does trading212 work via a mobile browser anymore? There is simply no option to log in. It’s app or laptop. What happened to the mobile browser?

Hey @Dave5555, we’ve discontinued support for the mobile browser extension as we’re focusing fully on our mobile app and web app.

If this changes in the future, we’ll let you know.

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