New layout is just not it

I just updated my trading 212 app and to my surprise the team changed the lay-out of the words and numbers. The thing that i disliked was the fact that the share count underneath the ticker disappeared. So now i have to tap in every single investment to see my exact share count. Hopefully 212 implements this little detail back.


Man, is this a Nokia?


No hahaha, I made a screenshot and removed all the irrelevant things

So you are tech savvy. :sunglasses:
The latest version looks just fine on my iPhone 12 Pro Max, it looks like your screen is way to narrow and the app is not showing the numbers for each stock.

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I have just updated the iOS app and I see what you mean now.

If you have a position in Apple for instance. it only shows the amount of money in your account’s base currency to the right of the stock.

The actual Number of shares be that whole or fractional is no longer shown until you click on the stock and open an individual window to view it.

Who’s idea was this? this is a backwards step for the UI and there seems no options to change this, in fact the settings and customisation for the app in general is rather too basic.

Can we please have our share count placed back in the main menu 212 team?


Its not the numbers or amount invested he/she is on about. The OP has cut that out of the screenshot. Its the fact the Share Count underneath the stock name has been removed. I have an iPhone XS and its the same on my phone since updating this evening.

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Agreed. Have to say the new update is looking nice, except for this. I prefer the old way where you can choose to use TCKRs or the full stock name at your discretion. Having both doesn’t bring much value to the user.


Yes that was exactly what i meant!! And also no option to change it… hopefully this will be changed


@Tony.V would you be able to comment on this change please?

On mobile, the amount of shares you hold of a specific company used to be shown on the “Investments” tab where you see the list of all your investments. It used to under the company name. Now the ticker only is shown there instead. Is there a way to change this back?


I am so pleased that I seen this thread. Why oh why did they remove the numer of shares held and replace it with the ticker. I dont care what the ticker is, the name of the shares is clear enough, but I would like to see how many share I have without needed to go a level deeper! Arrhhh :exploding_head:


Please remove the ticker symbol and put the amount of shares back on the mobile version. Why any of you would think we would prefer to see a ticker symbol instead of the amount of shares is beyond me


Another thing which annoys me is the inconsistency to tap back in iOS app.

From a stock position you need the (new?) cross:

When browsing watchlist you can go back with the arrow on the left (which is the best and most clear way):

Please fix this.


I argued that a swipe down from the top to close the stock page would also be nice, clicking buttons at the top or the screen just ain’t it

Edit: and swiping left and right should bring you onto the previous and next stock on the watchlist/portfolio.


Agree, that should the norm on iOS. :+1:t3:

The cross should be on the left IMO.

@Bogi.H @Team212 @Tony.V Hi guys, why have you changed the layout? This update is awful. The amount of shares I have in the overview tab has disappeared. I want to see the quantities like before, please kindly revert my overview/UI as it was before. I did not ask nor want this update.


I mean…you know that’s not how it works right?

I agree it could do with a few tweaks, but it’s not far off.

(P.S every community I’ve ever been part of has hated every update to UI good or bad, so 212 - don’t be too disheartened by it. Most people have small issues - the rest just don’t like change due to the way our brains are wired.)


:rofl: :rofl:
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I have to disagree, any major changes ideally are rolled out to a beta. Any bugs are then ironed out and the wider community are offered a choice. Major systems I use for work or general life usually do a update by a beta test first. Also, we provide 212 with funds from our trading. Therefore, IMO we should have a say on how our UI is changed. Finally, 212 have been slow to add extra exchanges, the time and effort used for a backwards UI that doesn’t even so quantities of shares owed is just well backwards and could have been used to add extra exchanges. I’ve been a massive fan of 212 for 2/3 years and often sung their praise on here and Facebook groups, but whilst not deliberately trying to be obstructive I can’t get on with this UI.