"The quantity must be equal or lower than 0"

Hello everyone.

I’ve got this message when buying LKNCY stocks “


Is it even possible to purchase these stocks?

Thanks in advance!

I think it was delisted, but I am not 100% sure. It is only OTC if I remember well

Oh, I wasn’t aware that OTC stocks are not permitted to be held in a T212Trading account.
Well, now I am.

some of them are available to trade. But I think not all

I’ve got the same message with ‘‘BTCE’’, but this is not OTC stock, this is on regulated German stock market Xetra.
Any idea why I can’t buy it?

@Luk4ss The ETP you refer to is not available for trading anymore due to recent regulations concerning cryptocurrency instruments and the ones tracking them. It is set to ‘close only’ mode so that our clients could terminate their existing positions at their own discretion. However, no new positions will be opened.

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I didn’t know that. Thank you. :slight_smile: