The Royal Mint’s gold ETC changes name to reflect its commitment to sustainable and responsibly sourced gold

I suppose they’ve got to try to differentiate themselves to justify the 0.22% fee. Still, I’d sooner buy SGLP which is a lot cheaper at 0.12% and has a tighter spread.

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not sure thats the only thing. sovereign backed v bank custody, physical delivery in coins and bars if wanted, most secure vault and site in the world and not close to a high value metropolitan target. most people use gold to hedge financial systemic risk so why keep it banks

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Fair points. However, if I had such concerns, I’d just buy physical gold and squirrel it away.

I used to be a bit of a goldbug but I sold the lot after the 2008 financial crisis. One of these days, I’ll get round to buying back in!

I think people like a blend. for me the royal mint has the best credit worthiness there is. 1100 years of history. Black Death, Norman conquest, civil war, Spanish flu, world wars etc. id pay an extra 0.1% for that. also holding physical gold means its at a discount to the spot price if you take it home and also to more nickable. a guy with a swag bag outside your house.

id say a blend of rmau and a few bars at home makes sense