Is anyone inested ishares physical gold

Hi guys anyone invested in i shares physical gold? Is it manged well? Worth investing in?

Well I mean, it’s a physical gold ETF. Issued by the biggest funds provider in the world. I don’t know what you expect here 🤷

Is it well managed? Well, it’s BlackRock, buying and selling gold. That’s about it for management.
(Edit: they don’t buy and sell as in, trading gold. The buys and sells only follow investors’ in- and outflows of the funds)

Is it worth to invest in? Well if you want to invest in gold 🤷


Ishares are blackrock?


Twenty characters.

@Zergui no need to get funny with the OP. They are probably new to this and only wanting some opinions/advice.


I agree this is what deters people from commenting in the first place… Then again everyone should automatically know everything i suppose lol


I wasn’t being funny. It is a gold ETF, there just isn’t much to say about it or its management 🤷

He asked, i answered, he asked if it was indeed BlackRock, i answered again 🤷

Edit: apologies if my answers were interpreted in any poor fashion, i just didn’t know much else to say about it, it’s just rather straightforward. The intent was never ill-mannered.

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To be honest your answers seem very much ‘you should already know’ and for someone else to point that out xlearly im not the only one who thinks it. Then again that could just be your personality i dont know :man_shrugging:

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The problem is you’re asking if something is worth investing in. Only you can answer that.

Do you want gold exposure?

Yes : Buy
No : Don’t buy.

If you need any other info read the KIID.

We can’t tell you if something is a good buy. That would constitute financial advice. You’re putting everyone in an awkward situation by asking.


In fairness to the OP I did think the answers were a little short and they were looking for a bit more meaningful enlightenment and potential education.

After all, I would say that’s what the community is here for, right? I also don’t know a huge amount about anything, and even less about gold so I moved on.

I know people could say “use Google”, but perhaps if anyone has any helpful articles it would be a good start for the OP?

FYI - This isn’t a dig at anyone, and is just an observation.


Are you just interested in iShares physical gold or exposure to gold. I can not comment on SGLN as I do not invest in this ETF… But I did invest in GLD, Barrick Gold, Newmont for long term holding, no plan to sell it.

Gold is a well known assets that could be used to hedge against inflation. Inflation is predicted to raise due to possibility the FED will increase the interest rate in the coming years. There are various way to incest in gold. This Scottish mum explain it well rather than you google it yourself.


If you seriously want to read about gold rather than a YouTuber read Campbell Harvey’s paper on gold. ‘The Golden Constant’.

Or don’t if you have a less than a 350 year outlook.


If you are young gold is gonna be a pretty lousy investment but if you are quite risk averse then you could go ahead and allocate a bit to it

I’m curious if there is a more modern rule to replace the old school rule of thumb for allocations? Ie a development on the 60/40. And also would this rule
actually include gold at all?

As in, I’m part of the new breed and I couldn’t imagine owning anything other than equity in companies, opposed to gold, bonds etc etc.

Obviously property and the like would be an exception.

Dalio’s All Weather is the natural replacement and does include gold (I think.)

It’s a terrible investment for an investors lifetime though, you need to be thinking much much further out - Family Trust kind of investing lifetimes.


The 60/40 isn’t really about capital appreciation more than capital protection.

Equities and Bonds still share about the same -.2 correlation, nothing much changed there, so such portfolio still greatly benefits lowered variance from diversification.

That is, if you define your measure of risk with variance, and hence aim at preserving capital more than growing it.

If you are invested for the long term with little regards to volatility for the coming decade, then the 60/40 never made sense in the first place.
Your measure of risk is more defined by opportunity cost then, and having any holding in bonds or commodities make little sense.

can’t say I’ve seen a modern version as of yet.

I’ve been working on a personal rule of thumb that includes physical property and my current outlook for my “retirement” ratios are:

50- stable Dividends
30- growth
10- risk
5- property
5- cash

mind you I am a “no bonds” kind of investor. still assessing my needs and when will be an appropriate time to start it and my balance may change by then. the idea being that there is always cash on hand that is deducted from the dividends for living expenses, both essentials and leisure/luxury. gold or other resources might become part of the final rule in the greater stable section if I feel there’s a need to bet against cash and stocks in the long term. keeping to a minimalist lifestyle I don’t want to have too much property to deal with in the future, but it all needs to be completely paid - no debts- to work.

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Gold is not an investment, is to protect your wealth against inflation.
You are way way better with an S&P500 index ETF.


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