The rubicon project

Howcome I can’t find The Rubicon Project anywhere ? I’m sure it was in one of my lists even my transactions page it has gone from as well! I didn’t own it but want to buy some when market opens… ticker symbol is RUBI @david @George @Team212

It’s here, before buying I would do some DD at least. :smile:

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I was trying to look on yahoo for a name change but thought The Rubicon Project was the new name! Much appreciated been searching through for ages hahah

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I think because we’re about to enter into a new era of industries, advertising is going to be at the forefront, and because they use automated ad matching I’m thinking it could be a good little buy, I’m so bullish on advertising companies! Check out MIRRIAD ADVERTISING! This is the NEW way imo

Yeah I briefly looked at this a couple years ago last year where “AI” helped work out the best position for adverts inside live videos.

As someone who actively gets rid of any adverts in their life I absolutely hate the idea personally. Don’t think I could support it even on a swing play.

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Haha but it isn’t on the consumer end on my part, as long as mirriad get clients to place ads in videos that’s there part done. I despise adverts to, but after seeing how they use ai to place ads in spots what are natural I think Yh this is the way forward, especially with blockchain etc but each to there own, I wish I got in at 7p margin of safety would of been great but owell

It was at CES 2020 too.

I remember seeing this about it on BBC.

Will check it, I just came across when was looking through stocks, this could be a forever stock if they play it right, as it’s placing ads without actually wasting time and subliminally we will take it in