The Tight Aggressive Investor

I’ve read you’re supposed to keep 50% stocks and 50% bonds or 60/40 to be aggressive. I’ve read that there’s 7+ key “qualities” to gauge what to pick and 3+ have to be lucrative. Is 4+ too tight?

  1. dividend.
  2. growth.
  3. fair value.
  4. return.
  5. volatility.
  6. income.
  7. moving average.

And when should you get more aggressive and have a 70/30 portfolio or get passive and do 40/60? If the economy is inflating, should we be more passive?

the long term investor should invest and hold their entire life regardless of inflation or other factors

as you get older however then more money should be allocated to safe investments (bonds) since you no longer have the luxury of time to wait for the market to recover if there is a crash.

google asset allocation by age and you will find many articles with rules of thumb on this. One is 100 - your age. eg: so if you are 40 then have 60% stocks 40% bonds

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