A question about my investment into SPACs please

Hi all

I am a just wondering what happens to my investments in SPACs when they do merge?

For example, say I have $100 in Hennessy Capital stock, what happens if I still have the $100 when they become Canoo? Is there any way I can lose money on these mergers?

Many thanks in advance if you can help

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The only way you lose money is if the value of the stock depreciates on or after the merger.

As far as the transition goes it’s seamless. The, merger takes place and your Hennessy Capital holding is renamed to Canoo and the ticker changes.

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Ah brilliant thanks so much for clearing that up for me, that’s what I thought would and should happen.

Can I also ask is there anywhere on this community that people give tips for good upcoming stocks To invest in please? I check out (and Really appreciate) the β€œIPOs launching today” that you post every day but where else on here can I be looking for some stock tips?

Thanks again

Not sure about tips. I would guess the majority of the advice you’d get in here is do your own research. No one wants to be on the hook for suggesting you a dud.

There are plenty of threads that have sharing of ideas. You just need to take a wander through the Investing and Active Trading forum sections.