This Week’s Special Bundle - 2,500 New Shares!

How many do we have in total now? the mobile App doesn’t show the right total.

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See above :point_up_2:

T212 stock universe (everything, CFDs etc etc all included) as at 13:45 12th October 2020

as csv

as html

It does NOT live update… I’ll just rescrape and republish when asked…


Why does the app any show 3002 to search from ? What am I missing

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Hello T212 Team? Why show the app a incorrect number of shares?

I asked it already below?

What sense make the numbers in the app when they are be false?

It doesn’t make sense for the numbers to be wrong. They are currently wrong because allocating the instruments into their categories within the search folder is a manual process. We’ve added a lot of instruments recently and this manual process is no longer viable. We will automate it soon and update the counters.


Thank you for your clarification!

And still OSTK not in the list :man_shrugging:

OSTK as in Overstock? It’s been on the platform for ages.