This week's 75 new fractional shares!

  1. 2X Amazon GBX
  2. Accolade
  3. Apache
  4. Arcimoto
  5. Auto Trader Group
  6. Babcock International
  7. Baozun
  8. Bilibili
  9. BioLife Solutions
  10. Broadway Financial
  11. CBL & Associates
  12. CEMIG
  13. Cardiff Oncology
  14. China Pharma Holdings
  15. Collier Creek Holdings
  16. Coty
  17. Crest Nicholson
  18. Dada Nexus
  19. De La Rue
  20. Devon Energy
  21. Digital Turbine
  22. Firstgroup
  23. Foresight Autonomous
  24. Forterra
  25. Frequency Electronics
  26. Heat Biologics
  27. Hepion Pharmaceuticals
  28. IDEXX Laboratories
  29. Ibstock
  30. Jiayin Group
  31. Kingfisher
  32. Kitov Pharma
  33. Landcadia
  34. Lemonade
  35. MEI Pharma
  36. Match Group
  37. NewRiver REIT
  38. Nordstrom
  39. Opko Health
  40. Oragenics
  41. Overstock
  42. Penn National Gaming
  43. Petropavlovsk
  44. Pinduoduo
  45. Premier Foods
  46. Qualigen Therapeutics
  47. Sage Group
  48. Schlumberger
  49. Sierra Metals
  50. Smith & Nephew
  51. Sonos
  52. Sorrento Therapeutics
  53. Spartan Energy Acquisition
  54. Standard Chartered
  55. Stitch Fix
  56. Sunesis Pharmaceuticals
  57. Tailored Brands
  58. Tencent Music Entertainment
  59. Tortoise Acquisition
  60. Translate Bio
  61. TrueCar
  62. Urban One
  63. VBI Vaccines
  64. Vanguard FTSE 100 GBP
  65. Vanguard FTSE 250 GBP
  66. Varta
  67. Vaxart
  68. Veritone
  69. Wayfair
  70. Workhorse
  71. Workspace Group
  72. Wynn Resorts
  73. Yellow Cake
  74. iBio
  75. iShares Electric Vehicles and Driving Technology

Thanks for the update, this can help with adding the new fractionals to our pies :slight_smile:.


Thanks, Pinduoduo’s on my pie wishlist, so I’ll sell my holdings on Revolut. Think I may have to wait for the price to come back to earth a bit before buying back in on T212 though!

A lot of people probably don’t want to see Lemonade there today… :smile:


Will wait in hope for companies on my wishlist, in upcoming weeks. :slight_smile:


Same. I got Wayfair… Illumina to go. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your hard work guys :slight_smile:

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Next week we’ll add even more.


Shame there’s no STAG, hopefully next week!



Thanks for that.

Any idea where we stand with adding TD and TROW. I made the request about 3 weeks ago here and haven’t received any reply yet: TROW & TD into fractional shares

Awesome :+1:t5:thank you very much. Every little helps :grin: There’s not much for me on this list but I I still appreciate it.

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Well @David thanks for your work.
Unfortunately, I see A LOT of IPOs as fractional but a lot of important IT Stocks like servicenow, fortinet, palo Alto network still aren’t fractional… :frowning:


thanks for the additions, please consider Assurant for fractionals, or even just a baseline of 1 share.

absolutely great company, has kept running throughout the global lockdowns in order to ensure customers could see their claims fulfilled and remain in touch with friends and family (the mobile side of the business) makes every effort to go that step further in order to keep workers and clients safe.

Current price is down $40 since the 1st-wave outbreak crashed the market but the business remains as solid as ever. no better time for getting in than now, but 2 shares a go is a bit much and fractionals would mean I can pie-it.

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Thanks for the update :+1:

Cannot find the ishare electric vehicle and driving

Its listed under ECAR

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Oh. why so? I think it’s a good concept :slight_smile:

It is but my comment was more in relation to the fact it IPO’d the day before becoming fractional and was already up over 100% before retail investors could get in. So fractional a day earlier would have been much better received by the folk who took the plunge at the inflated prices on Thursday.

For the record I agree. Potential disruptor of the insurance world there, if they can expand beyond renters insurance and maintain the same cadence.

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aah, thanks for the description :slight_smile: