Tick tock tiktok... but why?


“injected script” :slight_smile: do you remember the “dubious websites” that kept opening 100s of popups? (also same dodgy method used by googletagmanager these days :sweat_smile:)

but why on a page that has intricate details about my finances?
I got ghostery blocking these on a web page but what’s happening to mobile users? Is this why I get calls from scammers calling me with my first name, last name “hey kali, you’ve signed up with us saying you are interested in trading”

I got such a call once exactly as you have stated but I thought it was because of $investing…com$ site where I had once registered to a tempting webinar that later I regretted!

Have you by chance done something similar? if not then this is concerning and can be classified as a data breech.

I am sure T212 is taking a note!

I have not registered on that site, but this is not limited to T212 or any other website, does not even have to be a trading web site. As soon as your information is leaked by any source, it is out there. (That’s why I use ghostery on every site.)

This is part of a huge scam network widely known as “pig butchering” all they want to know if your name and phone. They’ll contact you telling “you are interested in trading” or it may start by a “cute girl” accidentally sending a whatsapp message to you.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t trust any social network, this is not limited to tiktok. (I’ve contracted in CambridgeAnalytica so I have good reasons) but why would you even risk putting a social media tracker on your brokerage website?

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Need to check if we have specifically agreed to receiving marketing communication (phone/email/push). There is an option about how you want to receive Reminders and Promotions (see below) , but there is no way to disable this!

I think we are in a give and take relationship. with T212
if you get T212 commission free, you have to accept the one off marketing communication.


Can you comment on this T212? @Bogi.H

Oh dear… have we had our info possibly shared with TikTok here?

You can find more on the topic here.

Kali, would you recommend using it and what does it actually do?

I not only use it but also installed it on my families browsers including my parents as well.

It blocks third party cookies scripts trackers and many more. It also can answer most of the “cookie preferences” popups, where you are expected to opt out of 1500 ad agencies by clicking opt-out on all of them. It can prevent websites from “auto playing” embedded videos. It blocks harmful scripts that use your computer to mine cryptocurrencies etc.

Here is a screenshot of what it did on investing.com, not because it is a good or bad but just as an example (because someone mentioned it above)


Very minor downside (I think I’ve seen this happen once or twice) It can “break” some old design websites if they are written badly and they “depend” on these 3rd parties working for the functionality of their website. If you really need to visit that website, you “trust” the website or “pause ghostery for 30min/1h etc”

I’m neither affiliated nor work for ghostery by the way.

On the positive side, amazon won’t know you are interested in cat videos and tiktok won’t know you bought a non-stick pan and investing in banana stocks. The individual sites will be contained within themselves.

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One of the first principles of online security is that you should not publish what type of solution you have deployed to keep yourself secure :upside_down_face: