Cold calls from brokers

In the past couple of months I’ve received about 5 cold calls from various brokerage services and their sales call centre. I’m just wondering has anybody else experienced this? I’m not sure how they have gotten my number or know I trade.

Nothing in my case but I usually don’t answer calls I don’t know

I have to due to work but I swiftly hang up and block the number. I’ve no idea how they’d get my details though.

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I only answer after they left a voicemail

I get quite a few advertisements on my phone but thankfully no calls :slight_smile:.

I did it in the past. Once I got what they wanted, I just hanged up and blocked the number

Yes it happens, a couple of days ago some broker call center called me out of the blue. And just today a friend of mine was called in front of me, he doesn’t even know what trading means.

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As long as it isn’t margin calls - then I wouldn’t worry :wink:


Hahahahahah that’s a good point

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Never got advertisements, calls only. And always from places which sound like busy call centres judging from the noise in the background.

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Actually the best one was today.

Me: Hello
The guy: Hello I am Igor ringing today from ABC financial services
Me: Sorry not interested
The guy: Well do you know what this call is about, can I explain to you first before you hang up?
Me: It’s about trading
The guy: Well no. pause for a few seconds Actually today we have this trading oppor…

I hung up.


Just ask them to hold a second and leave phone down. Extra points for them shouting down phone at you :joy:


that would be absolutely fantastic!

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+1 for this :+1:

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I’ve received many of these calls … I can’t count them…from Japan, Singapore, US…
perhaps using social platforms my phone number is sold all over the internet ahahha

As long as they don’t know your name or any of your personal details then its just spam, this is usually picked up by advertising items on weak services like gumtree etc etc.
They also use computers to automate local phone numbers and send the call to centres if the line is still open after a couple of seconds.

It’s unlikely to be relevant to you investing, it’s just coincidence that they are offering something that you do

It may be an idea to ask what database they got your data from. so that you can go to the database and request your name be taken off it.

Rarely makes any difference if the computer is using generic codes to find phone numbers, they call several numbers at the same time and transfer calls if the line is still open within a short time frame. There’s unfortunately nothing personal to you about it

It is strange though that literally the only spam calls I get are from trading firms.

@Alecfb no harm in asking next time, good idea. At least I may know where the number came from.