What Etfs are you using

I only hold 4 ETFs, I’m trying to keep it down due to the fees.

Currently holding CNX1, INRG, RBOD, ECAR.

I use all the Ark ones :innocent::joy:


Not directly on T212. Only possible with pies over here.

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:joy::roll_eyes: think it went over your head. But thanks :+1:t3:

This is my exclusive ETF Investment Pie


Personally im strugling with the relative high expense ratios, atleast in comparison to vanguard etfs. I saw a graph that showed the difference between someone who had a expense ratio of 0.07 and someone who had 0.45 at the end it made a huge difference.

@Pepijn031 I agree, the TERs are high, but from my perspective, they surpass the struggle to actively manage my portfolio by hand for a long term investment strategy. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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I have a dividend portfolio with stocks chosen by myself. I also want a growth portfolio with about 5 etf’s. The growth portfolio is a super long term one, so the fees will have a big impact…
I also dont get why etoro has all the vanguard etf’s

I may be in the minority, but I have something against the proliferation of narrow ETFs. Think there’s even a ‘vegan ETF’ in the US nowadays. Where does it end? To my mind, it’s just opportunistic marketing. John Bogle wrote an WSJ article which explains the point better.

Normally the index funds and/or passively managed funds have low TER’s.
Yes, if a fund is invested for longterm >1yr, then this TER gets added every year.

Hi impressive list there.
Do you have any tips for ETFs that would be good for my sons ISA.
He’s only 6 so it’s got plenty of growth time
Cheers Al

Hi, alhorne67. I’ve started investing three months ago, so I’m not confident enough to advice in any investment. :wink: My Pie is as far as I’ve come till now. :relaxed:

Good link to analyse investing patterns.

This has a reference to holdings, etc., (https://app.tikr.com/investors)
How other are investing…Detailed analysis available.

To Register, use the link:

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Some more info

Any ETF gurus here. I am used to reading about US ETFs (Seeking Alpha)and not very familiar with Uk or EU equivalents for dividends & growth with low expense ratios.

Moderate risk and holding for the next 10-12 years to contribute to my retirement income as I am now 47. I do have other pies with individual stocks as well that contribute to dividends.


Thanks for your comments.

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There are a lot of overlaps there, unless you intended it, then of course it’s fine and you can ignore me!

There’re overlaps on the stocks that are actually good to be overlapped because of their future growth (in my opinion). Thanks for the feedback though.

Its quite heavy on the US from first glance unless that is the intention?

Indeed, as was not familiar with Euro ETFs and I am currently researching for ones that reflect the ones from the US but in Euro currency and low-end Expense ratios.

Any good ETFs for me to look up for Dividend growth and higher yields?

Thanks for sharing - this is great…