TLG Immo has been delisted

TLG Immobilien has been delisted: DGAP-News: Delisting of TLG IMMOBILIEN AG shares from Frankfurt Stock Exchange at the end of December 9, 2021 -

What we can do with our positions? Can we sell it at OTC market? Will T212 contact existing shareholders? I found an article in FAQ but it didn’t clarify for me anything what will happen now…

I suggest to contact them via chat or mail. You will get an answer quicker. This is a community forum were users share there opinions and ideas and it’s not a priority for T212 to reply here.

Okay, I will definitely do it. :+1:t2:

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We’re considering the best possible options, as we speak. We’ll share more details with you in the upcoming week.

Thank you! I will wait.

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Hey, @Thomas- just wanted to share a quick status update with you and let you know that we’re still waiting for more information from our intermediary on how they plan to handle the delisting. Once they get back to us with a response -we’ll update the thread right away.

Thank you for your patience!

Thank you! I’ll wait for an update. :+1:

Is there any update after more than one month?

Hey, Thomas. Still no developments at this point - we’ll share the updates right away as promised :white_check_mark: