Top 5 worst stocks on 212

I will start us off:

  1. HUR.L Hurricane Energy, with its billion barrel oil discovery that didnt exist.

(Here’s hoping GGP don’t go the same way with their gold find :slight_smile: ).


A popular failure on T212 and @Laguiar 's favourite :wink: , NIKOLA!

The hydrogen truck manufacturer that couldn’t get a truck to work… so they rolled it downhill :smiley:

It didn’t leave General Motors in a nice position either. The news came just days after their announcement… did they do any technological due diligence?

P.S. You never know, Nikola might make a come back and produce decent trucks. But the previous embarrassment will likely remain.


Any stock Trade in T212 and have now collapse, went bankrupt due to fraud. Such as Luckin Coffee.

But it is not the fault of Trading212 as they are just a platform for traders.

  1. Just Energy. It has now been delisted and I believe is on the verge of bankruptcy

Also Hurricane Energy

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Premier oil now harbour energy, still holding this bag, was a stupid gamble when I first invested. :sweat_smile:


You have to be fair here, @Vedran has 51% of Nikola’s shares, if he believes the company, so do I. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


So we have:

OTCMKTS: JENGQ - Just Energy - with an ex ENRON executive as president and Co CEO’s since 2007, forging energy contracts, advertising cheaper contracts to competitors that turned out to be more expensive to customers locked into contract, performing illegal door to door sales and… (the list goes on).
LON: HBR - Harbour Energy - London’s top independent oil and gas group(not entirely sure why this is here yet @Gfclappah
LON: HUR - Hurricane Energy - with its billion barrel oil discovery that didnt exist.
NASDAQ: NKLA - Nikola Corporation - couldn’t get their hydrogen truck to work so rolled it down a hill.

Just need one more, and then work out the order of which comes where!

PMOs creditors were shorting against it without disclosing the information they got fined about 900k, absolute dog of a stock.

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Two more options, companies that underwent fraud and inflated accounts:

Luckin Coffee:


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Is this worst stocks on the platform or in my portfolio? :smiley:

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Have you a corker of a cr4p portfolio - please share!

I wonder if there is a pie performance tracker history as well. That would be neat.

I’m adding any of the ‘the security is not penny stock exempt” traps :joy::joy:. Cerebain biotech, ameritek ventures etc. Short lived so probably not worth a place on top 5 individually, but as a collective? Luckily these make up c.0.5% of my portfolio.

I’ll give Nikola a shout out too here then. I’ve got exposure but only what I can live with never seeing again. It’s a fly or die I think

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Hertz was another good one which dropped bigly after they filed their chapter 11 for bankruptcy.

GNUS seem to be going nowhere fast as well. I got bitten by them by my own stupidity of accidently buying 700 CFDs instead of 7 by just clicking too fast and not noticing what I was doing.

My personal worst performing stock now is Workhorse. Down 29.58% but fortunately only have a small position of under $200 dollars in it. (My best performing if anybody is curious is ASML.)


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For me this pic says it all…


And they say you can’t time the market. It seems like you did perfectly, just in the wrong direction!


Feel free to contact me for any investment advice :smiley:


Right Time, wrong direction.

It was like Icarus, went to close to the sun, and crashed.


You are quickly mastering buy high sell low. :grinning:

Surely you can post all your future moves, might be good indicator where to go opposite direction. :beers:


Another trevor milton mug here emphasising my worst 212 holding is the magnificent nikola discorporation :o

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